How to Locate Your Cold Water Line

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Before installing EasyWater, it’s very important to know how to locate your incoming water line. Your main incoming water line supplies all of the water to your home, and it is usually identified by the presence of a large shut-off valve. Do you know where you would shut your water off if you went on an extended vacation or had a leak? If so, you’ve found your main cold water line. If you’re still not sure, here are some ideas on where to look for your main line.

Cold Water Main for Private Well Water

The EasyWater wire wrap is installed after the pressure tank.

If you have a private well, you most likely have a pressure tank located either outside in a nearby well house, or in your basement or garage. In most cases it’s best to install EasyWater immediately after the pressure tank, on the pipe that delivers water to your home. EasyWater is weatherproof, so don’t worry if you need to install outside or in a well house. When installing outside, we recommend wrapping the two connections with electrical tape to guard against moisture.

Cold Water Main for a Municipal Water Source

The EasyWater wire wrap is installed inside a wall.

Identifying your incoming water line from a municipal source can be more tricky. Depending on your geographical location, you might find your main incoming water line in the basement, garage, crawl space, attic, laundry room, utility closet, or even outside or underground. This customer found that his shut-off valve was located inside a wall, with an access panel opening to the exterior of the home!

Measure your Incoming Water Line

EasyWater works by treating all water downstream of the installation point, so once you’ve identified the correct pipe you’ll want to be sure to install as far back on the pipe as possible. Whether you have municipal water or a private well, you will need to make sure that you have about 12-16″ of pipe available in order to install EasyWater correctly. If you don’t think you’ll have enough pipe, you can see our recommendations here on what to do.

If you’re still having trouble finding your incoming water line, it’s best to give us a call at 1(877) 708-3338 for further assistance. We might recommend that you work with one of our authorized dealers, who are local plumbers and water professionals and are trained to help you.

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